Screwdrivers Insulated 1000v VDE Ergnonic Eslim

50% reduced diameter blade end for inserting into small and hard to get at places

30% reduced diameter handle for easier storage in a tool pouch and finger tip control

Surpasses AC 1000V and IEC 60900 : 2012 standards

Soft cell gell handle handle distorts and moulds its shape to fit perfectly into your hand thus reducing stress and fatigue whilst increasing comfort and torque

Exceeds DIN and ISO torque requirements by up to 100%

Two component handle technology with a scratch and acid resistant elastomer outer coating

Precision black tipped blades made from chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel for long term performance and reliability

Anti roll handle flats

Deep handle neck to support thumb pressure

Full length impact proof handle core adds strength and rigidity

Smooth frictionless ball end for maximum palm comfort

Handle hole for easy storage or for inserting a lever

Handle end identification symbol

Safety tested

Size Type Product Code
3.0 x 100mm Flat 41393090
3.5 x 100mm Flat 41393590
4.0 x 100mm Flat 41394090
5.5 x 125mm Flat 41395590
6.5 x 150mm Flat 41396590
PH1 x 80mm Phillips® 41419290
PH2 x 100mm Phillips® 41429390
PZ1 x 80mm PoziDriv 41519290
PZ2 x 100mm PoziDriv 41529390
+/-H2 x 100mm Plus/Minus 41629390
+/-Z2 x 100mm Plus/Minus 41729390
T10 x 80mm Torx® 41810990
T15 x 100mm Torx® 41815990
T20 x 125mm Torx® 41820990
T25 x 125mm Torx® 41825990