Nut Drivers Magnetic 1000v VDE Ergonic M-Tec

Surpasses AC 1000V and IEC 60900 : 2012 standards

Soft cell gell handle handle distorts and moulds its shape to fit perfectly into your hand thus reducing stress and fatigue whilst increasing comfort and torque

Hollow blade shaft with a powerful rare earth magnet retracts 47mm which enables the nut driver to secure recessed nuts and bolts. Additionally, the nut driver can be used over spindles and metal threads. 

Anti roll handle flats

Deep handle neck to support thumb pressure

Full length impact proof handle core adds strength and rigidity

Smooth frictionless ball end for maximum palm comfort and shaft end identification symbol

Handle hole for easy storage or for inserting a lever

Size Product Code
5.5 x 110mm 41905530
6.0 x 110mm 41906030
7.0 x 110mm 41907030
8.0 x 110mm 41908030
10.0 x 125mm 41910030
13.0 x 125mm 41913030